Alternative to Dragon Naturally Speaking

Dragon naturally speaking is the great piece of software. However you may not be used to working with a microphone and have the right to a blog or text article sell a nice alternative is Windows Speech Recognition.

You can find windows speech recognition under Accessories and  Ease of Access. If the windows speech recognition is not installed you can install it under the Control Panel – Programs and Features – Turn Windows features on or off in Windows 7.

Once the software is installed you will need to train the software to recognize different speech dialects. However, once you have completed the initial training and understand exactly how it works you can run various commands like “open Internet Explorer” or “open FireFox” and the application will open for you.

Now, this does take time to get used to and if you have an accent it may be hard are at first for windows speech recognition to enter in Microsoft word, Microsoft notepad, or Microsoft wordpad. However, once you start to get the knack of it you will be able to move on to other applications like Microsoft office and be able to start sending e-mail messages.

Since this is tax season a real benefit is the ability to work the windows calculator for tax purposes.  To open the calculator just say “start calculator.” The only difference is you will need to say “multiply” instead of “times.” Whorray! No more finger cramps while doing numerous calculations.

Once you have outgrown windows speech recognition then you can move on to Dragon Naturally Speaking.

Enjoy and please let me know how windows speech recognition is working for you know and also how Dragon Naturally Speaking is working for you.

P.  S.  This blog article was written with windows speech recognition.

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