The consistency check of the snapshot for the Microsoft Exchange transaction log Logs has failed. You should check for possible data corruption in the transaction log that is online.

This problem is related to Backup Exec’s GRT (Granular Recovery Technology) having issue with an Exchange log file. The best method to resolve the issue is to disable GRT within the backup job. Let the backup run and check the logs again after the backup job has run. You should see that the bad log files have been removed and the only log files left are those that were not committed to the Exchange mailbox database.

Once the Backup Exec job completes you can re-enable GRT and start building the logs again. This is a simple solution rather than trying to dismount the Exchange mailbox database and running commands to see what the current log file is then deleting the bad log files and remounting the Exchange mailbox database.

Give it a try the next time you see this issue with Backup Exec and Exchange backups.

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