Starting a console application in Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Express

Starting a Microsoft Visual C++ Studio Console Application

  1. Open Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Express
  2. In the menu go to File – New – Project
  3. Click on Visual C++ and highlight Win32 Console Application
  4. Give the new project a name, default directory, and Solution Name
  5. Click OK and another GUI will pop-up
  6. On the Welcome to the Win32 Application Wizard click Next >
  7. On the Application Settings remove the check box from Precompiled Header and check Empty
  8. Click Finish
  9. When the new project opens right click on Source Files
  10. Go to AddNew Item…
  11. When the wizard opens highlight C++ File (.cpp) and give it the name of main.cpp
  12. Click Add
  13. Enter the following in the main.cpp file

          #include <iostream>

           int main()


               return 0;


Place your code after the first curly brace and before the return 0; to get started. Happy coding.


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