Firefox, Flash Player 11, and Ubuntu 8.04 not working – Google Chrome


It appears the Ubuntu is having problems with THEIR modifications to FireFox and how it handles Adobe Flash with version 11. Developers can say what they want about about Flash supporting 64 bit. The bottom line is that users are having problems with Ubuntu FireFox 11.

I do allot of work with Firefox in managing websites and overall web browsing. I also do alot of development for other software and cannot find the time right now to fix the package problems. I over came this by installing google-chrome online. The package comes ready for use with the Debian installer.

After installing google-chrome (5 minute process) I was able to open the browser and start viewing videos with Flash Player. There was no special package installations or grabbing addons. After the installation, I was even provided the oportunity to migrate my bookmarks from a previous FireFox installation.

Ubuntu has great server and desktop operating systems. Being open source is only another plus to the operating systems. However, I have seen where open source projects start to get skewed by developers trying to compete with the “big boys”. I think that Ubuntu has let the debian crew take too much control of the project. If I wanted to install debian packages I would have installed Debian on the PC or server.

Please take a chance to get your house in order. Many open source projects have suffered due to a course change in the middle of gaining acceptance. For now install Google-Chrome to use flash and import your Bookmarks from FireFox.

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