Backup Exec error Buex: Failed – Physical Volume Library Drive not available. Backup Failed, errorCode=-536837876


Backup Exec is throwing the error Buex: Failed – Physical Volume Library Drive not available. Backup Failed, errorCode=-536837876. Prior to this error a tape was “stuck” in the tape drive. Holding the eject button in for 15 seconds resets the tape drive and the tape is ejected; however, subsequent backups cannot find the physical library (tape drive).


One reason for the physical volume library drive not being available is that when the tape drive was having a problem ejecting the tape Backup Exec continued to try and rewind the tape. Windows then created another device using Windows drivers and not Backup Exec drivers. Opening Start – Control Panel – Device Manager and examining the tape drives will show a manufacturer tape drive instead of the original Backup Exec LTO device.

Resolution on Backup Exec Server

  1. Go to Start – Control Panel – System – Advanced System Settings – and click on Environmental Variables…
  2. Click New and add the following (requires restart of Device Manager if it is open): Variable name: DEVMGR_SHOW_NONPRESENT_DEVICES Variable value: 1 and click OK
  3. Open Start – Control Panel – Device Manager and expand the tape drives.
  4. If you see the old tape drive go ahead and Uninstall the tape drive.
  5. Open Backup Exec 2012 and go to Storage – Configure Storage and install the Symantec tape drivers.

That is pretty much all you need to do to resolve this issue with the tape drive. Understand, this is a result of Windows trying to make corrections to a device and is not a problem with Backup Exec. A nice aspect about this solution is that the server does not require a restart.



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